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Re: Fish swimming over my Desktop and ... system locked ?!?

* Colin Watson (cjwatson@debian.org) spake thusly:
> On Wed, Dec 19, 2001 at 03:41:46PM -0600, Dimitri Maziuk wrote:
> > * Craig Dickson (crdic@yahoo.com) spake thusly:
> > > Nasty. I've never heard of the easter egg causing that. Most likely some
> > > other problem that just happened to crop up as the fish was swimming by.
> > 
> > Simple explanations are usually correct (see .sig). If the system
> > locked up right after that easter egg kicked in, it's most likely
> > the easter egg's fault. Can you say "unforseen interactions between
> > various parts of the system"?
> Having read the code for said Easter egg, I'd say that if such a simple
> thing causes your system to lock up then you have rather serious
> problems anyway.

Yes, but if those serious problems don't pop up unless the
easter egg kicks in...

ISTR someone posting a "I have this fish swimming accross
my desktop! I didn't put it there! Have I been hacked?" 
message to col.security. The standard reply there is "if
you didn't put it there, wipe and reinstall". Just imagine
reinstalling your whole system because someone wrote this 
kewl animation for his Computer Graphics 101 lab and didn't 
quite know where to stick it... until gnome came along.


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