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Re: Fish swimming over my Desktop and ... system locked ?!?

Martin Emrich wrote:

> I was writing some tex file in emacs, and suddenly, a little blue Fish 
> swam over my Display (no, I dont work underwater ;)
> It looked similar to the one in this Fish-Applet for GNOME Panel.

Sounds like the GNOME panel's easter egg.

> After it stopped halfway between the upper-left corner and the center of 
> the Screen, my system hang. Only the mouse was moveable, but no Keyboard 
>  Functions worked (no CTRL-ALT-F1, no CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE, no 
> CTRL-ALT-DELETE). As I was not at home, I had no other computer 
> available to telnet, so I was forced to push the "reboot-and-do-fsck" 
> button...

Nasty. I've never heard of the easter egg causing that. Most likely some
other problem that just happened to crop up as the fish was swimming by.


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