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Re: scanner recommendations?

shock <stephen@virtual-attorney.com> writes:

>> Can anyone recommend a decent, low-priced scanner that works with their
>> debian system? In case it matters, I'm tracking sid.
> i'm using an epson 1240u flatbed on debian woody with no problems
> whatsoever.  i think epson is (or has) phased out the 1240u, so you can
> find them at pretty good prices.  i got mine somewhere around $120 or
> so, and have been very happy with it.

They are phased out - but don't take the successor 1250 without
looking at the sane-pages for details!

I'm using the 1650photo (with transparency unit) and am quite happy
with it. Not that cheap, though, at $250. $200 without the tpu.

I suggest to look at the sane-pages first http://www.mostang.com/sane/
to find a good supported scanner for linux.

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