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Re: Gnome fonts, squares -- no, not the usual ;)

on Sun, Dec 16, 2001 at 09:06:53PM -0500, Hall Stevenson (hallstevenson@mindspring.com) wrote:
> Hopefully my subject line didn't annoy people and think, "No, not
> another gnome font, so-called problem...". Actually, I've experienced it
> and fixed it a long time ago. The current problem I'm seeing is
> different, although slightly familiar.
> It's this:
> In gnome apps, hitting the numeric-pad 'Enter' key doesn't 'enter'. It
> places a square box in the field, document, etc. In gnapster, for
> example, typing '123', using the numeric-keypad, then hitting the
> numeric-pad 'Enter' key, puts a square in the search field. In gedit, I
> can type '123' and then hit the enter key and it looks like this:
> 123*
> (replace the * with a square)
> For what it's worth, it looks just like the square people probably saw
> with the 'other' font problem.
> Any help ??
> By the way, I'm running SID (last update 1-2 weeks ago). I'm using a
> custom font with my gnome theme, "lucida", 10pt, ISO8859-1.

What's xkeycaps tell you about that particular key and what it's
entering?  If not xkeycaps, another program that will give you the raw

The 'square' is generally just an unprintable character.  You might be
able to paste it to another window and get the hex or octal code that

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