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Gnome fonts, squares -- no, not the usual ;)

Hopefully my subject line didn't annoy people and think, "No, not
another gnome font, so-called problem...". Actually, I've experienced it
and fixed it a long time ago. The current problem I'm seeing is
different, although slightly familiar.

It's this:

In gnome apps, hitting the numeric-pad 'Enter' key doesn't 'enter'. It
places a square box in the field, document, etc. In gnapster, for
example, typing '123', using the numeric-keypad, then hitting the
numeric-pad 'Enter' key, puts a square in the search field. In gedit, I
can type '123' and then hit the enter key and it looks like this:


(replace the * with a square)

For what it's worth, it looks just like the square people probably saw
with the 'other' font problem.

Any help ??

By the way, I'm running SID (last update 1-2 weeks ago). I'm using a
custom font with my gnome theme, "lucida", 10pt, ISO8859-1.


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