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Re: php4 parameter problems


in this case, I can get $test_par.
My problem is, if I just use
"test.php?test_par=aaa" to get the parameter value or
"test.php?111+222+333" to get argument values, they are ok if they do
not both appear in the url.  But if they both exist in the url, say,


I can get arguments from that yet failed to get parameter values.
If I compile php4 myself, they are both ok, even they both exist in the
url; but in php4 shipped  in Debian, the function is disabled, which
leads to an big incompatibility of my previous php4(4.0.x) in FreeBSD,
so I am really in the nuts.

I believe there is something disabled or enabled in the php4
configuration of Debian package, but I just can't find out where it is.
Anyone can figure it out?

>Then see if you get $test_par
Patrick Hsieh <pahud@pahud.net>

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