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Re: Powerchute APC software for potato

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> I managed to get this running under Mandrake by using the Redhat
> rpm, but  under potato I get the following error:
> only packages with major numbers <= 3 are supported by this version
> of RPM error: PowerChutePlus-4.5.3-1_RedHat.i386.rpm cannot be
> installed
> I'm used to Powerchute and quite like it. Is there anyway of
> installing it  on potato? I tried compiling the Redhat sources but
> it complained of  binary incompatibility. I looked briefly at the
> apcupsd package, but it  doesn't seem to have a GUI.

install the .tar.gz edition of powerchute. i run it on
several debian potato machines currently with no problems ..

its available from the APC website ..


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