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Re: [PART-SOLVED] Re: Network config problem

On Monday 10 December 2001 16:23, Daniel Toffetti wrote:
> But now (and this is why I say PART-SOLVED) the internal hosts are
> not assigned a valid internal IP from the proxy via pump. I even
> copied the file dhcpd.conf from my old proxy to the new, tried
> changing from pump to dhcpcd in the internal hosts, to no avail...
> I'm still trying to understand what is the difference and what has
> changed, so I cannot give better symptoms yet and will post again
> soon.

Now I got a clue. I've copied the file dhcpd.conf, but forgot to 
configure /etc/init.d/dhcp to make dhcpd actually start at boottime.

As detailed therein, I've set run_dhcpd = 1 and executed:

root:>/etc/init.d/dhcp start

But it fails complaining that I must describe _all_ subnets in 
/etc/dhcpd.conf. But, hey, I don't want dhcpd to serve request coming 
from eth1 !!

Reading again /etc/init.d/dhcp I see the following:

# Add all interfaces you want dhcpd to handle here

My best guess is: since I haven't added interfaces there, the 
script/daemon assumes 'all', and since the subnet correspoding to eth1 
is not described in /etc/dhcpd.conf, it complains it should be.

Am I right ?? I haven't tried adding what interfaces I want dhcpd to 
handle since I don't know what is the proper syntax (there is no 
example in /etc/init.d/dhcp).

Thanks again !!

"There is no spoon..." - The Matrix

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