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Re: Re: Netscape 6.2

On Sat, Dec 08, 2001 at 12:34:25AM -0500, Alec wrote:

>Is Netscape 6.2 any good? Is it worth installing? Any reason to >prefer it to Netscape 4.77? How is it different from Mozilla?

Compared with 4.77, Netscape 6.2 is light-years away... with better
HTML/XHTML standards compliance (NS 4.77 is crap, as previously
posted). But Netscape 6.2 unfortunately still eats more resources
(memory) than Netscape 4.77 (Netscape 6.2 crawls when I tried running
it on a Pentium 90 with 16MB of RAM. NS 4.77 just did fairly better).

Netscape 6.2 has the Mozilla 0.9.4-1 source release (that's what
Mozilla says at their website AFAIK) as its base. Almost no
differences except for the proprietary extensions and some fixes
from Netscape. For more info on the NPL and Mozilla, just visit
their website at www.mozilla.org 

If you're to install to a low-end machine, just go for NS 4.77.
But if you've got the processor power and memory to spare... then
I'd prefer you go and build from Mozilla, as it's only four
milestones away from releasing a 1.0 (and it's source is open,
unlike Netscape 6.x which you get only in binary form). There are
debs for Mozilla's most current build in sid (in potato r4 you're
still stuck with M18-3. That's way too old though usable). If you're
to compile it directly, then go ahead, but if you're to build a deb
to use it in potato be warned - it won't be easy (it's notoriously
more difficult to build debs to compared with the other packages).

Paolo Falcone


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