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Any GOOD bttv grabbers ?

Hi !

Does anyone know any _good_ bttv grabbers ? Up to now I know only bad ones:
- bttvgrab which crashes after start with a segfault lots of times.
  After trying several times, it works but can write only single pictures
  or one big file in a propriatary file format (i.e. no mjpeg avi)
- xawtv or streamer: too many lost frames which don't appear in bttvgrab
  and it has a FIXED aspect ratio so that I cant grab in 352x288 which is
  the vcd standard
- MainActor - forget it. Costs $99, cant handle files >2GB and has as well
  a fixed aspect ratio for grabbing. In fact, it knows only 4 resolutions :(
  Not what I would expect for 99$...
- Broadcast 2000: Didn't work either, cant remember why anymore...

Isn't there any usable tool ? Sorry, I'm a bit angry - hope it doesn't come through too much ;)

Markus Grunwald

Registered Linux User Nr 101577      
http://counter.li.org                http://www.grunwald.2xs.de

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