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Re: No problem with staroffice 6.0b (was: Debian woody with Openoffice. Can not install)

on Sun, Dec 02, 2001 at 05:41:32PM -0800, Peter Jay Salzman (p@dirac.org) wrote:
> my guess is that he's going to read the subject and delete your email
> before reading the content.  you might want to try again with a
> subject that has his name to bring it to his attention.  he's pretty
> frustrated right now.
> although, good luck.  i've already given him the same instructions.
> he either wants someone to do it for him or barely knows what "email"
> means.

I'd also posted to him offlist (got an off-list response earlier, to the
same post, must've been cc'd), and ccd or Bcc'd the listmaster.

Post to list was partly just to reflect that he'd been contacted, and to
provide instructions for anyone else in a similar situation.

I suspect he'll be off the list shortly.

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