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Re: switching to maildir from mbox

* Dragos <dragos.delcea@farmexim.ro> [2001.11.28 13:43:56+0200]:
> LOCKFILE=$HOME/.lockmail

you don't need that. Maildir needs no lockfiles.

> I'll put .procmailrc in /etc/skel before I start creating users.

now you need to worry about your users and prevent them from changing
that. if they don't know what they are doing, they could destroy their
own mail delivery and cause a DoS on your mail server.

> The next step for me is to install amavis-perl/amavisd, make postfix
> deliver to amavis (mailbox_command = /usr/bin/amavis, or something
> alike), scan mails 


> for viruses, and deliver via procmail to maildir.

i think it does that automagically.

> I'll also have to find an pop3 server who can read maildirs...

spop3d (solid-pop3d) is what i use and it's fair.
courier-pop3 is definitely better, but available only in woody and up.

\so long

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