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Re: switching to maildir from mbox

On Tuesday 27 November 2001 05:39 pm, Dragos wrote:
> thanks, Martin (or should I say madduck?)
> I think I'm a bit exhausted, and I don't see clearly enough...
> anyway, I think I got it right: made a ~/.procmailrc which contains
> and that's about it!
> I still have to look why for every mail I send (locally, that is), the same
> mail gets sent to the procmail user...but, again, as you pointed out, it's
> just RTFM procmail{rc|ex}. that's enough for now, I'll do this first time
> tomorrow morning, and post my findings on the list, as there are others
> that expressed their interest about this setup.
> thanks again, dragos
ok now I have a working configuration for postfix+procmail+maildir:
for postfix, in main.cf:
mailbox_command = /usr/bin/procmail -a "$EXTENSION"
it tells postfix not to worry about local delivery, just give it to procmail
for procmail, in ~/.procmailrc:
I'll put .procmailrc in /etc/skel before I start creating users.
The next step for me is to install amavis-perl/amavisd, make postfix deliver 
to amavis (mailbox_command = /usr/bin/amavis, or something alike), scan mails 
for viruses, and deliver via procmail to maildir.
you can see that I'm not (yet) using procmail to filter mails.
thanks to everyone who helped me.
I'll also have to find an pop3 server who can read maildirs...

cheers, dragos

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