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Re: switching to maildir from mbox

* Dragos <dragos.delcea@farmexim.ro> [2001.11.27 16:36:17+0200]:
> my understanding about maildir is: each user has in his/her home a directory 
> called Maildir (or whatever) with 3 subdirectories new,cur,tmp; each message 
> that arrives ends as separate file in the new/ subdirectory; at least that's 
> what I get with qmail; basically the reason for wanting to use maildir is 
> that each mail ends up as a separate file.

your understanding of maildir is correct on the functional level.

> I seem to get more and more confused over this; I need procmail for
> amavis to work. (at least that part I managed to get right)

okay, so you need to do one of the following:

recompile procmail to make it use maildir by default
ensure that all users have a .procmailrc file in their homedir, which
simply contains:


postfix has no say in this issue because it always delivers to amavis,
which always delivers to procmail.

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