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Re: managing multiple machines

On Mon, Nov 19, 2001 at 01:17:29PM -0800, David Wright wrote:
> I manage a cluster used for computational neuroscience at a University.
> The number of machines is starting to get to a point where it is difficult
> to maintain software synchronization across machines. Any tips?


    Also take a look at cfengine. I've never used the latter.

> I have considered sharing /usr via NFS as well, but since configurations
> are stored in /etc, I'd have to share /etc too. But that won't work, since
> machine-specific information like an IP address and name is stored in
> /etc. (Whatever happened to the very intelligent policy of configuring
> programs in /bin in /etc, configuring programs in /usr/bin in /usr/etc,
> and configuring programs in /usr/local/bin in /usr/local/etc?!)

    That's the nice thing about standards, there are so many to choose

Share and Enjoy. 

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