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Cable Modem Setup?? (Newbie...)

Whew.  Maybe I'm not ready for this.

Trying to get my new Debian/potato box talking
on a cable modem setup (adelphia.net) through
a LinkSys 4-port Cable/DSL router.  The two other
machines on this "private" net are Win98 boxes.

Adelphia uses DHCP, and AFAIK there are no fixed
IP addresses anywhere, other than the reserved
address used by the Linksys router:

How would I set up /etc/network/interfaces for
this scenario?

The Ethernet card is a D-Link 530TX.  I don't
see any eth0 device.  I can't tell if the kernel
(2.218pre21) supports this card by default.

I know that the card in question requires
driver rtl8139.o, which does exist on my machine.
When I do 'insmod' for this object file, I get
"Device or resource busy," possibly due to IO
and/or IRQ conflicts.

Whew.  So, where do I go to fix that?

Many thanks in advance.  Trying hard to catch up

rafe b.

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