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Re: Newbie comments & queries


A progress report. 

I will stay in the console mode as suggested by Karsten. So no 
more queries on Xfree at the moment. 

> On Tue, Oct 30, 2001 at 10:17:34PM +0200, Ian Balchin wrote:
> > device = /dev/ttys0 as now have a plain serial 2-button on COM1
> > type=ms repeat_type=ms3  (or raw)
> It is case sensitive. You probably want /dev/ttyS0 (tee, tee, why,
> capital ess, zero)
Right....... must get used to this case business. 

Brenda, I did install the newbie help files, now it would be nice 
to be able to turn some of them into hard copy.  I note that the 
files in /usr/doc are the same as in /usr/share/doc (writing this 
from memory, hey) except that the former seems to catch the 
documentation packages when you install something new (like I did 
Joe last night). So can I dump the latter? 

Well last night I got the ms mouse going nicely, corrected 
gpm.conf, and a great moment of joy as it floated across the 
screen in mc (well, the cursor, not the mouse itself). 

Then I wrote a 'hello world' file and following instructions in 
the howto actually got it to print out.  Oh frabjous joy! I was so 
chuffed that I rushed out the back door to shout the good news to 
my attractive neighbor Carmen, but she was nowhere to be seen. 
Yesterday I could not spell linux guru, now I are one! 

Seriously, I will try to make the PS2 mouse go just now. 

Karsten & Lance, twin sounds interesting, will perhaps investigate 
that when I am a little more proficient. 

What do I use to do some word processing, like a la WordPerfect 
5.1 ? Tex? Emacs? Short of Star Office, are we restricted to 
'editors' which in my terminology mean text-only, no bold, no 
underlining, no nothing? 

Tonight I must follow the instructions from Paolo and see if I can 
get the.gz files into a format that can be printed.  Is there no 
way of printing direct from this format, after all they can be 
read.  I can experiment with something like zcat file > /dev/my 

I will read the print howtos, and see if any of the alternatives 
look better then the default lpr.  Command line printing went out 
on dos a decade ago, what gives? Do applications allow you to 
print from them direct? Even mc does not have a Print command in 
its menus which suprises me. There must be a reason for this 

I seem to have stacks of stuff loaded according to the screens 
that wizz past on bootup. What is the linux equivalent of the 
autoexec.bat file, can I rem some of this stuff out for a while? 
Is there a command like the dos "mem /c /p" or something that will 
indicate resource useage? 

As I read between the lines, some of the stuff got compiled into 
the kernel at install time (like lp). Some stuff is configured to 
be loaded as modules when booting up. Modules can be added and 
subtracted and are installed seperately from the kernel. I presume 
that they are listed for processing seperately in a .conf file 
somewhere. Please tell. 

Lastly, linux has been up and running continuously (but not doing 
anything much) for some days now.  Considering that my W95/8 
machine has probably never run for 24 hours without a reboot over 
the past 5 years (it locks up when it wakes up even) this is 
nothing short of amazing to me. Still, I suppose we should not 
compare a linux console to a windowing environment, I see plenty 
of hassle-posts starting with X. 

I have asked my colleagues in the out of print book trade if they 
have any linux books.  Let me wait and see. it goes against the 
grain to buy a new book in my position! 

I will be back. 
    Ian Balchin
    Grahamstown, South Africa.

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