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Re: New User. Hello

On Sat, Nov 03, 2001 at 11:53:09PM -0500, Raphael Bustin wrote:
> Hello All.  Debian Newbie here.


> I'm curious why there's no deb package for the latest (4.10 ?) version of
> XFree86.  Or at least, I haven't found it on debian.org.

There are.  Just not for Potato.  Potato is the "stable" distribution, and
XFree86 4.10 post-dates the release of Potato.  The only changes that take
place in the stable distribution are security fixes.

> Are there issues running 4.10 of XFree86 on potato?

Some, although I'm given to understand that they're minor.  My Potato box
is perfectly happy with 3.3.6, and I see no reason to change it, so I've
not paid particular attention to the Potato builds of XF410.
> It seems my video card (the one I want to use, a Matrox G450) is only
> supported under V4.10 of XFree86.

I believe that is the case.  I use one of these in dual-head mode on my
unstable box.  Excellent card.

> I'd prefer the simplest possible acquire/install procedure, so I figured
> a deb package was the thing, right?

Certainly.  It's just that there aren't any official ones.  Try here:


And see what you can find.  Note that these are UNOFFICIAL, and there won't
be much, if any at all, support for them.

> Can anyone recommend a serious tutorial on using dselect, or an X-based
> alternative to dselect?  I just don't seem to grok it yet...  The 'man'
> pages aren't helping.  I invariably end up doing something wrong while in
> "Select" mode and end up Xing out of that for fear of messing things up.

Feh... don't use dselect, unless you have to.  Apt-get should be enough for
anyone. :)

Marc Wilson

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