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The linux and Debian operating systems

Hello my name is Stuart,
Today I went to Dixons to ask the how much the new XP operating system cost, and after some discussion I was told that I could download an free Operating system called Linux.
I have looked on the internet for the Linux Operating system and have come across several sites that give out information  but I am stuck on how to get started.
I currently have Windows Millenium on my computer but would like to change to this free operating system.
I have partisioned one of my drives into four separate drives; ie:- drives c, e,f and g. The d drive is a separate 40 gig drive for all of my mp3s.
I would be very grateful if you could send to me information on how to down load this free software and also information on how to duel boot .
I thankyou for your time and hope that you will be able to help me .
Yours Faithfully.
Stuart Smith.
PS I am not the brightest person when it comes to computers and would be very grateful if you could explain everyting in simple terms. Ta very much.

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