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Re: PCMCIA -- Unstable -- Kernel 2.4.12

Wow, Tom is right but kernel recompile is the more painful way.  I have
gone through this pain of upgrading for my i486DX2 gateway.

Debian stock kernel comes with almost all concievable modules including
PCMCIA.  So all you have to do to get PCMCIA activated is to know exact
module names to put into your /etc/modules files or used with
modprobe/insmod command. Tricky part is you need to know which they are:


Without poking around kernel source and /lib/modules, it was a magic to
me.  Debian 2.4 kernels are really modular.

If you install pcmcia-cs package, it will pull needed modules for your
NIC.  If you want to run ipmasq (iptables wrapper script) etc., make
sure to run from post script of pcmcia script.

Oh, most networking packet filter functionallity are also modules.  I
put almost all of them in this /etc/modules too.

I think upgrade to new modutils iwhich create /etc/modules should prompt
us to get ready for this 2.2 to 2.4 kernel transition.

(Sorryfor massive CC, Next time I will use L)

On Wed, Oct 24, 2001 at 02:54:22PM +0100, Tom Breza wrote:
> Hi
> 1. Why u afraid to reboot ya laptop? You shoud leave old kernel *always*
> if somthing goes wrong u can always boot in old configuration,
> at the moment I got 3-4 diff kernels on my system.
Yep.  Then again, there is always boot floppy.
> 2. if u try install 3Com 3c589 is supported in kernel, u can install it
> like a module, (my one 2.4.12-ac5) but is in all 2.4.x
> 3. If u want install from source it bit tricky it took me some time and I
> got absed some of my friends ;) basicly they want kill me :P
> what u have to do, apt-get install pcmcia-source
> then go to /usr/src over there u shoud have pcmcia-cs-somthing.deb
> install it dpkg -i pcmcia-cs-somthing.deb
> after this u shud get a pcmcia-cs.tar.gz file under same directory
> /usr/src decompres tar -vxzf pcmcia-cs.tar.gz
> it will create direcory modules with subdirecoty pcmcia-cs
> go in to.
> cd /usr/src/modules/pcmcia-cs/
> then ./debian/rules binary
> this will create a deb file under modules just then install it
> dpkg -i pcmcia-cs-somthing.deb 
> and thats all :P
> and 
This is needed if you got strange PCMCIA slot like Cirruslogic, I heard.
> 4. good luck :)
Yep :-)

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