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Re: imap mail

Andreas Leitner wrote:
> Hi,
> I hope this is not too offtopic here. I have now successfully set up a
> cyrus imap/exim based mail server using debian testing for my personal
> use. The goal is to use this server as my main mail archive. And there
> are lot's of mails in there, most come from mailing lists.
> Now, I have done some work to create a filter system for incomming mails
> that will dispatch the mails automatically into defined folders (for
> mailing list mails). That was a little harder that expected, because
> cyrus_deliver needs to be run as cyrus, whereas the .forward is examined
> as the regular user. But in the end sudo was my friend.

Huh?  I can run cyrdeliver as a normal user fine.  Though to deliver to
other mailboxes than the top INBOX, I have to use the -a $USER option,
plus the -m option, of course.

As to the rest of what you are trying to do, I use procmail, but that's
probably not going to let you do the date processing you want.

If you're willing to use Perl rather than Python, I'm pretty sure I've
seen some mail filtering modules out on CPAN.

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