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Re: Woody Killed PCMCIA

> Doc> /lib/modules/2.2.18/pcmcia/ has a bunch of modules, including the
> Doc> one I need "3c589_cs.o" but 2.2.18 is the old kernel -- I upgraded
> Doc> to Woody which I imagine is 2.4.10 or something from Testing.
> Upgrading to Woody should not install a new kernel for you, unless you
> specifically request it to.  What does "uname -r" say?  That will tell
> you what kernel version you have.

2.2.18  :-(

Guess once I get pcmcia working again I need to upgrade the kernel.
Problem is how to get pcmcia working!

> If you do have a new kernel, you should install the
> pcmcia-modules-<version> package too.

Cannot find them other than the pcmcia-cs.o

> Doc> "no pcmcia driver in /proc/devices"
> How did you get "cardctl ident" to give you output last time?  Doing the
> same thing should help.

I ran "cardctl ident" while in Progeny prior to the upgrade and reboot.
Following the upgrade and reboot I get "no pcmcia driver in /proc/devices"

I am afraid I will need to re-install Progeny, wiping out all of the upgrade
stuff, then need to first download and save the most current necessary .gz
for pcmcia and the newest decent kernel version that will run under Woody,
and only then run the Woody upgrade.

This way when the Progeny->Woody upgrade destroys pcmcia I can then
uncompress the saved kernel upgrade files and pcmcia files and install a
current kernel and a compatible pcmcia setup.

So, your wise counsel as to what kernel & pcmcia files I need to download
and stash prior to upgrading to Woody?

I really only want to do this one more time!

Thanks!  Doc

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