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Re: illegal to link against python 2.x?

Dave Sherohman wrote:

> The LGPL is intended for libraries (which is what the first L
> originally stood for, although I guess RMS wants it to be "Lesser"
> now) that are so important to have standardized that you're willing
> to let them be used by non-Free applications.  It allows the LGPLed
> code to be linked to other code without imposing any licensing
> requirements on that other code.

My understanding is that it's now the "Lesser GPL" (rather than "Library
GPL") because it is applicable to programs as well as libraries.
Essentially, if you want GPL-like licensing regarding the publication of
source code for modified versions, etc., but you don't mind having your
code used as-is in commercial products, then you can use the LGPL.


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