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i am a linux beginner and installed Debian Linux at a ibm486 machine, and i am not able to install x-window. my problem is that i have a xga graphik card and none software recognizes this. even trying configuring the graphic card by hand. is there any howto which could solve my troubles? what are the next steps (starting XF86Setup, grey display, shifted to the right).
Another question, bougth a distribution (to have a easy book) with 9 cds (binary 1-3, source 1-3, linuxland 1-3), but apt-setup only recognized software on binary 1,3, source 2, linuxland 1,3. Is this normal or are any cds does not work...
is this the right email-adress, are there any "personal" supports (you always ask the same person). please give me some basic support with x-window... (but nothing like "linux for dummies", i think i understand the working of a pc quiet good for this :-)
please send your answer to ka@buehler.at , my only internet connection is in the work (or like now at a friend)
tnx a lot, don pedro

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