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Managing tasks through remote access


I have two computers at home. On one I'm running Linux, and it is turned on
non-stop. On the other I'm running W$ndows (mainly for games). This one is
only running if I'm doing something on it.
Unfortunatly I have only space for one screen and keyboard. I could use some
switch, but they usually degrade image quality at high resolution (or cost a
fortune), so I found it's much more convenient to telnet/ssh into the linux
machine if I want to use it. I'm also want to try some free X servers for
Win32 (any suggestions?) so that I could actually log in through X.

Now at the same time I tend to start some lenghtly downloads etc. so the
allways on Linux box is ideal for that.

Is it possible to log in through telnet and ideally also through X into the
Linux machine, start an ftp client or irc client etc. then close the
connection again with the started applications continueing to run?

Also if I could do that, could I then log in back again later and find the
applications I left there and interact with them as if I hadn't left? (I
guess this if this is possible at all, it will be more difficult with X.)

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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