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Re: SPAM WARNING: spammers use Debian lists for harvesting

Quoth jgp@operamail.com, 
> >===== Original Message From Ailbhe Leamy <ailbhe@ossifrage.net> =====
> >If you post to any mailing list with archives on the web you are likely
> >to have your address harvested by spammers. This is not news.
> Yeah, knee-jerk reaction on my behalf, but I would have appreciated
> having the connection between lists and spam made to me when I signed
> up, so, I make it now to anyone who might be tempted to use
> their primary e-mail address for this or any list: don't.

FWIW, however, it has got a *lot* worse in the last week or so.



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Homicide is, no matter what else it might
be, a social relationship. 
  -- Paul Bonnana

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