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Re: SPAM WARNING: spammers use Debian lists for harvesting

>This probably isn't news to most people, but I though I'd go on the
>record here with a warning:
>  If you subscribe to and use Debian mailing lists, you WILL get
>  spam.

This is not new I'm afraid.
And warning people _on_ the list is not well thought through.
I imagine the minority of the list readers are _not_ subscribed.
If you feel this issue should be clarified to people _before_ they subscribe,
you should take it up with whomever keeps an eye on the list, and have a
note added to the subscription page.
Such a missing note seems to be what was your problem in the first place.

>I know this after getting hit over the last few weeks to an e-mail
>account that I *only* use for personal correspondance. I also foolishly

>subscribed to this list a while ago (different e-mail account),
>and now I get around 10 spams a day straight into my primary mailbox.

Well, I'm afraid you didn't think properly.
Anyone subscribing to any public mailing list is capable of extracting the
other subscribers' email addresses from the list.

>While there is nothing stopping a spammer manually subscribing to
>the list to harvest addresses, [snip]

See above.

>...the list archives show addresses in the

I don't know many lists that _don't_.

>  Use only a secondary, 'disposable' account for Debian lists.

The proper advice is: Use only a secondary, 'disposable' account for mailing
lists, if you want to be sure to be able to control spam.

>I managed to stay 'clean' for nearly 9 months to my primary account, now

>I'm spitting chips at the vision of my e-mail address brunt onto some
>get-rich-quick-marketting-tool CD-R.

Look at the bright side: you just grew a little wiser.


Johnny :o)

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