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Re: fetchmail error

* dman <dsh8290@rit.edu> [011002 22:44]:

> What are you using as the MDA in fetchmail?  I simply
> use '/usr/sbin/exim %T' and it delivers locally (via procmail).

I've used the same for a while, but that sometimes resulted in strange
and annoying delivery errors, that's why I switched to handling this
over SMTP.

> It
> appears that you are using fetchmail to perform and SMTP transfer for
> each message that it retrieves from the POP server and that is taking
> too long. 

It usually doesn't take noticeably longer than using the mda option
(that is, I as the user don't notice it).

I'm of course not sure that the problem is not with exim, but since my
fetchmail version has changed whereas exim stayed the same, I look in
that direction primarily. 

Also, while fetchmail was restarted when I re-connected to my ISP,
exim wasn't. (A restart of fetchmail alone did nothing to solve the
original problem, though)

> I have noticed, however, that sometimes when I send a
> message from mutt, it "hangs" for longer than I think it should while
> it says "sending message".  I imagine that is caused by something with
> exim acting a bit slower sometimes.  Maybe you are having a similar
> problem?

>From what I know, mutt invokes /usr/sbin/sendmail when sending a mail,
that should be unrelated to the SMTP connection that fetchmail


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