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Re: fetchmail error

On Tue, Oct 02, 2001 at 06:26:12PM +0200, Volker Schlecht wrote:
| The only thing that has changed in the meantime was my IP
| ... suggestions anyone?

 From looking at the output I would guess that something (in the SMTP
delivery) is taking too long which causes your ISP's POP server to
timeout on you.  What are you using as the MDA in fetchmail?  I simply
use '/usr/sbin/exim %T' and it delivers locally (via procmail).  It
appears that you are using fetchmail to perform and SMTP transfer for
each message that it retrieves from the POP server and that is taking
too long.  I have noticed, however, that sometimes when I send a
message from mutt, it "hangs" for longer than I think it should while
it says "sending message".  I imagine that is caused by something with
exim acting a bit slower sometimes.  Maybe you are having a similar


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