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RE: Multihead


Just sat down to give this a try. The xf86config on my system looks nothing
like the xf86config examples that I have looked up. Is there any more
guidance / advise you can give on this subject?

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With Xfree86 4.x you can use Xinerama extension, "which allows applications 
and window managers to use the two (or more) physical displays as one large 
virtual display" (from Xinerama - How To). For that you can either edit you 
XF86Config and make the necessary changes for your video cards and monitors,

or you can use the Matrox driver together with Powerdesk (you can download
from Matrox site, under Linux drivers).

The Xinerama - How To has some examples of XF86Configs, so you can change 
them to suit your needs.  On Matrox site, there are also detailed 
instructions on how to install both the driver and Powerdesk.

Hope it helps


Pedro Neves

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