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Re: SPAM WARNING: spammers use Debian lists for harvesting

>> I've been on the list, on and off, for roughly a year now and I have yet

>> to get a single bit of spam, other than the occasional one that is sent

>> to a list I am on.  None of them have been addressed directly to me.
>It wouldn't surprise me too much if the spammers filter or weight the
>addresses they see in various ways. It could be that a .edu address is
>less likely to be spammed heavily than a .com address at a
>consumer-oriented ISP. I'm just speculating, though.

Funny. As you see I have a .com address at a fairly consumer-oriented ISP.

I don't get annoying amounts of spam. 3-4 letters a year perhaps directly
addressed to me.
I wonder what the spammers really look for.


Johnny :o)

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