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Re: virtual hosting in apache and file locations

Hi !

I really like what Angus has showed about his apache config.
I have "my" option too ;-) - of course...

ATM I can see two major options (no matter where symlinks go):
1) /var/www/$FQDN/, /var/log/apache/$FQDN-{access|error}.log
2) /home/$DOMAINUSER/{somedirhere}/ everything in this dir

IMHO there always be at least those two options and people
who use some of them.

Thrid option is "standard" /var/www. And I would like to go
this path: "Don't touch if it is not broken, if it is broken - fix it,
but don't change".

So for me it would be nice to have /var/www/default holding
files for default domain (all those installed in Potato under /var/www).
Then admin could change it to a symlink to some domain etc.

Remember that primary point was that using /var/www as
default domain place is non-social bechaviour or
non-VirtDomain-friendly. And that is the thing to be fixed.

Using /home/www-data/ for apache would suggest that for
EVERY virtual domain must be created separate user which
is not always true.

Just my 0.02$

                        Grzegorz Prokopski

PS: I never could understand why in RH (at the time I used to
use 6.2) kept web root somewhere in /home/apache or sth ???

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