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Re: Beam Internet

On Tue, Oct 02, 2001 at 05:55:54PM +0100, Hereward Cooper wrote:
> once upon a time Adam McDaniel <adamm@psynch.com> said:
> There prices for a single/home is:
> £500 Hardware (which i think is a rip off, as you're not actually buying
> it, it still belongs to them!)
> £150 Install Fee
> £150 Monthly Fee! (£99 intro rate though I think)
> For a business/multiple pcs you have to pay a connection fee, which I
> forget how much it is.
setup a masquerading firewall :)

> Don't know if I'll ever get it. It just sounds really cool, as living in
> a middle of a field in Somerset the chances of getting ADSL are, uummm,
> none, never, ever! I'll just have to put up with BT charging ripoff
> prices for ISDN.
I remember hearing a while ago that Nortel was in the process of developing
high-speed internet access that runs along the powergrid. I dont know
much of the details, or given Nortel's situation even if they're still
doing it, but that would be a nice alternative.

I wouldn't get this satelite deal though, here in Canada there is a similar
service starting thats about CAD$150 / month, (~£60/US$100) ofcourse you
already need a digital cable terminal and be signed up for every single
tier... its still not worth it :)

Adam McDaniel
Infrastructure Technology Consultant
M-Tech Mercury Information Technology, Inc.

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