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SSH port forwarding

I have some boxes behind a firewall that I need access to from the internet.
I don't control the firewall, so I thought I would try to use OpenSSH 
port forwarding.  I have placed "GatewayPorts yes" in the outside machine's
sshd_config.  The boxes involved both use Debian with OpenSSH 2.9p2.
I connect like this (from the firewalled machine):

ssh -g -C -R 3001:firewalled_machine:22 user@outside_machine

I can now connect to 3001 on the outside machine, but the connection doesn't
do anything and is quickly closed.  I've tried ports besides 22 with the same
results, but with ssh I get this familiar message:

$ ssh -C -p 3001 firewall_user@outside_machine
ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

Can anyone help?
Andrew W. <failure@failsure.net> -- http://failsure.net/
http://home.cwru.edu/~agw4/ -- Debian GNU/Linux
Georgia State U. CS/Networking UG -- VW bus driver

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