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Re: netscape plugins in konqueror

On Monday 01 October 2001 15:17, David wrote:
> On Saturday 29 September 2001 11:24 pm, Aaron Maxwell wrote:
> > I'm having trouble setting up the Macromedia Flash plugin in
> > Konqueror. I have Konqueror 2.1.1 and KDE 2.1.2, on today's woody.
> I'm having the same problem and am as confused.  My KDE and Konqueror
> is 2.2 and my plugins are in ~/.netscape/plugins/.  I've heard
> version 5 of Flash is a bit dodgy - can anyone confirm this?

I believe the plugin's a little buggy, but that's a separate issue.  To 
clarify my original vague gripe ("it doesn't work!"):  Konqueror acts 
just like the plugin hasn't been installed at all -- the page's flash 
functionality is wholly unexpressed, and a new window pops up to 
Macromedia's download page (so I can download the plugin).  But 
Netscape at least remembers that it has the plugin, even if that plugin 
has a bug or twelve.

Then again, if I'm using Konq 2.1 and you're 2.2, and we're both having 
the same problem, maybe it *is* the plugin...

> Also, are you running Konqueror in a full KDE desktop?  I run

Yep.  kwin + full kde session.

I'm also discussing this on the kde user list -- when I get a solution 
I'll post it to both.  Hm, I wonder which list will win the race ;)  


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