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Re: ext3 on install

#include <hallo.h>
Craig Dickson wrote on Wed Sep 26, 2001 um 07:36:07AM:

> > separated kernel-image package. "apt-get install kernel-image.*ext3"
> > shouldn't be too complicated for users, IMHO.
> Sure, if Debian wants to supply ext3-enabled kernel-image packages.

Define "want". We have allready ext3-aware kernel, e2fsprogs,
boot-floppies set and a patch-package for linux-2.2 and 2.4 in Woody.

> But the Debian kernel-sources typically have some patches applied already;
> they aren't just Linus's tarball converted to .deb. So, while it generally

Yes. Herbert Xu includes a handful of patches, mostly hotfixes and
backports from pre-patches. That may clash with Linus' prepatches, but
external stuff like ext3 should work. Current kernel-patch-2.4.9-ext3fs
works with vanila and Xu's sources.

> Besides, since I'm not using the Debian kernel-source package or make-kpkg,
> I don't see any reason to prefer the Debian ext3 patch package over the
> original patch.

Oh, in the patch-package I combined ext3-0.6.9 with the nice speedup
patch from T.Y.Tso. And the patch-package for 2.2.x has been tidied up a
bit ;)

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