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Re: ext3 on install

Eduard Bloch wrote:

> Okay, but as long Ext3 is a kinde experimental, it will remain in a
> separated kernel-image package. "apt-get install kernel-image.*ext3"
> shouldn't be too complicated for users, IMHO.

Sure, if Debian wants to supply ext3-enabled kernel-image packages.

> Please learn about what a patch-package is. You don't need
> Debian-packaged kernel sources to use the patch-packages. A patch package
> contains the same patch file with some nifty scripts for make-kpkg, but
> does not require it.

But the Debian kernel-sources typically have some patches applied already;
they aren't just Linus's tarball converted to .deb. So, while it generally
hasn't been a problem, it's possible that an ext3 patch generated against
Linus's sources might fail on sources from a Debian package.

Besides, since I'm not using the Debian kernel-source package or make-kpkg,
I don't see any reason to prefer the Debian ext3 patch package over the
original patch.


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