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Re: amd / radeon users, attention.

On Mon, 24 Sep 2001, Peter Jay Salzman wrote:

> i just got my epox 8kha board with a radeon card to work with DRI under
> linux.  it was rough going, and i've seen, while websurfing, that alot of
> people have had trouble with this in the past.  many people are getting "agp
> unsupported" messages by the agpgart driver.
> if anybody needs help (i assume this is going into the archives), feel free
> to contact me.
> i just got a frame rate of 250 fps on gears.  mamma mia!   :-)

Are you sure it's working?  I get something like 800 fps on gears on a
Radeon DDR using a 1.4 GHz athlon, at 16 bit color depth?

Making this stuff work on the newer boards *is* tough.  AGPGart must be
loaded as a module, or patched to understand the AMD 760.  passing
agp_try_unsupported=1 as a kernel parameter in the boot loader does not
work, despite the documentation which claims it does.  I also needed a
patch from Steven Tweedie to be able to start X at all (DRI or otherwise)
using the Radeon.

I haven't noticed any difficulties particular to getting this to work on
Debian.  It's just the same magnitude pain as on Slackware, Red Hat, et.


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