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Re: Installed netscape, but how do I start it?

> I am so new to linux that I really don't know how to
> start troubleshooting this problem.  When I installed
> netscape it created the following directory in /tmp:
> communicator-v475.x86-unknown-linux2.2
> It was supposed to create a directory called:
> communicator-v47x.your_unix_platform  according to
> the installation notes.

My guess is that you downloaded a *.tar.gz file. In that case,
it will, by default, install the binary in
/usr/local/netscape/bin. That's not in your $PATH, which
Karsten has explained. You need to either copy or symlink the
executable file (/usr/local/bin/netscape/netscape) to a dir in
your $PATH. I'd suggest /usr/local/bin. If that dir doesn't
exist, create it. If it's not in your current $PATH, add it.
;-) Again, the book Karsten suggested will help with these
steps too.

> Seems like it couldn't recognize my version of linux, which
> 2.1

No, that's *not* the problem.

> I wonder if my version of linux is too old to work with
> 4.75.
> I think I just answered my own question!  Just checked the
> envelope for my Netscape CD and I see that it says under
> system requirements:  Linux 2.2.x!  So I guess I have to
> upgrade!

No again. I'm assuming since you're posting to a Debian
mailing list that you're using Debian. I'll also assume you're
using *Debian* 2.1 (Potato, I believe). Netscape is referring
to the linux *kernel* version when they say '2.2'. You should
be okay, I think, as your version of Debian is probably using
linux kernel 2.2.18 or so.

Good luck

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