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Re: Installed netscape, but how do I start it?

James Ramsey wrote:
> You should be able to start Netscape at the command
> line by entering "netscape". If that doesn't work,
> start troubleshooting, because something wrong has
> happened.
I guess something has gone wrong, because I am not logged in as root,
and when I am in xterm and type "netscape" I get the following:

Bash: netscape: command not found

I am so new to linux that I really don't know how to start
troubleshooting this problem.  When I installed netscape it created the
following directory in /tmp:  


It was supposed to create a directory called: 
communicator-v47x.your_unix_platform  according to the installation
notes.  Seems like it couldn't recognize my version of linux, which is

I wonder if my version of linux is too old to work with netscape 4.75.

I think I just answered my own question!  Just checked the envelope for
my Netscape CD and I see that it says under system requirements:  Linux
2.2.x!  So I guess I have to upgrade!

Do you have any recommendation on how I should proceed?  Start fresh
with a new set of Linux CDs?  I guess this is the only option because I
never got my internet access working properly with the packages that
came on the 2.1 release from Cheapbytes.  This has been a frustrating
experience, but I do want to get away from Windows if I possible can!

Peter Christensen

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