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Re: lm_sensors with 2.4.9

Julio Merino wrote:
> Hi all,
> I want to compile lm_sensors. I'm using kernel 2.4.9 on woody.
> I've got my kernel and disable its i2c and bttv support. Why? Oh, they
> say that i2c is needed to be updated, and I guess that bttv should also
> be updated...
> So, I've got the i2c package and I'm going to compile it (the kernel is
> being compiled now...). I'll compile then lm_sensors plus videodevX plus
> bttv2, all outside the kernel. I hope this will work... I'm wrong?
> Thanks.
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Unpack the kernel sources like usual. Then get yourself the newest
stable i2c and lm_sensors tarballs from
http://www2.lm-sensors.nu/~lm78/download.html. It's the 2.6.1 for both
packages. Unpack them and read the manual. This will tell you how to
patch your kernel sources. Do the i2c patch first and then the
lm_sensors patch. If you are interested in a fresh bttv version, get the
tarball from http://bytesex.org/bttv/. There are also patches for the
2.4.x kernels available. There's a patch for btaudio too. Patch the
NOW you can configure and build it. Don't deactivate i2c. It is needed
for both, lm_sensors and bttv.

BTW: I did it myself yesterday. It worked fine.

Berthold Cogel

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