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RE: fetchmail

> Hi,
> I have a strange problem with fetchmail. It worked all fine but I was
> wondering why i was not getting any mails in the past weeks. So I sent a
> messeage from my account at university and I didn't recieve it. I usually
> run fetchmail automatically when I go online with pon. this is my
> fetchmail-up script:
> #!/bin/sh
> export LOGNAME=root
> export HOME=root
> test -r /etc/fetchmailrc && \
>         /usr/bin/fetchmail --invisible -v -a --fetchmailrc
> /etc/fetchmailrc
> and here is my fetchmailrc:
> set syslog
> set postmaster "frank"
> set nobouncemail
> set properties ""
> set daemon 900
> poll mail.uklinux.net proto pop3
>         user xx there  with password ???? is frank here warnings
> 3600
> I copied it to ~/.fetchmailrc and run the test option in fetchmailconf
> (after sending a mail to an echo server). everything looks fine. Fetchmail
> says it fetching the mail and the deleting it from the server. But i can't
> find them on my system, neither in /var/spool/mail/frank nor in my home
> directory.
> Any hints on where to look for them and what might go wrong??
> Thanks,
> 	Frank

	I had a similar problem and could not work out a resolution, so I deleted
the daemon reference in my .fetchmailrc and used a crontab to run it.  It's
not the best thing to do, but it's practical.



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