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Re: GUI in Debian 2.2r3

Timeboy wrote:

On Monday Sep 10 03:01 Helmut Trinkl wrote:

** Windowmaker is a window maker. It's called 'Window Maker' and is an X11 ** window manager. It's part of a GUI. You won_t be very lucky to run a ** window manager just by itsself. You won_t be very lucky run a GUI ** without a window manager either. KDE, GNOME and X are GUI's that ** supposedly all use window managers. ** ** Helmut

Yes Helmut! I know this. But if i like to install Gnome with one of the
Debian tools like dselect you will see that X must be installed too.

And if i would be so very exact like you, i had written that a GUI
is a tool like gnome-toaster, KDE control center or thomething like


First I would like to quote Patrick Barrett here who corrected and amended my statement in a different mail of this list, and for which I thank him very much:


Err, you had it right for a while there... the last sentence is a bit
off though.  X is the display layer and windowing system.  It is the
interface with the hardware.  You need a windowmanager if you want a
border around your windows, and the ability to uh, do a lot of things.
KDE and GNOME still use X.  KDE has its own windowmanager, and GNOME
usually uses sawfish.  KDE&GNOME are desktop environments, the idea is
they make everything more comfortable and usable for the user.  They're
not an integral part of the system.

Now, Timo, why confuse it all here?! The user originally requesting help, "recently installed Debian" on his/her computer. He/she "can't seem to get the GUI to show up", t h e GUI, not some GUI. This is not a personal-dispute-list, this is for helping and getting help and making data clear for Debian users, that's all there is to it.


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