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Re: GUI in Debian 2.2r3

Timeboy wrote:

On Saturday Sep 08 15:20 debi narge wrote:

** Hi guys,
** ** I recently installed Debian on my computer. The ** problem is I can't seem to get the GUI to show up. ** ** I'm not even sure if I chose to install the GUI or ** not. ** ** If I didn't install the GUI, is there a way to install ** it without reinstalling the entire OS?

Yes you can install a GUI without reinstalling. But first you have
to make a decision which GUI you like to install. There are a lot
of GUI's. Windowmaker, KDE, Gnome ...........


Windowmaker is a window maker. It's called 'Window Maker' and is an X11 window manager. It's part of a GUI. You won_t be very lucky to run a window manager just by itsself. You won_t be very lucky run a GUI without a window manager either. KDE, GNOME and X are GUI's that supposedly all use window managers.


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