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Re: How to produce Hungarian documents?

Glyn Millington wrote:
> Paul Huygen <pemhuygen@chello.nl> writes:
> >
> >> Can anyone point me to a program which will allow her to produce her
> >> letters and essays and articles in Hungarian?
> >
> > I know of an excellent way to produce documents in many languages. It
> > is TeX/LaTeX.
> Paul,
> Many thanks for the response.  I use LaTeX a lot, but am not convinced
> that she will be able to handle it yet - something much more pointy-clicky
> is in order here.  I know that Star Office can handle German and that's a
> major step in the right direction, but
> a.  It's sooooooo sloooow!

And it behaves in memory like an ideal gas in vacuum: It eats all
available space and you can never get it out again ;)

> b.  It doesn't cover all the characters needed.

This could be a font problem, get some hungarian TrueType fonts (read
the Font-Deuglification-howto) to fix this one.

> Still hunting!

Have you tried out TeXmacs (www.texmacs.org)? It's a bit of a mixture
between LaTeX and Word. It's in unstable, have a look at it.


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