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Re: Manually bring up NICs not found at install and/or rebuilding Kernel

* John Purser (jmpurser2@home.com) [010831 10:34]:
> Some success!
> The command I used was modprobe eepro100 and both NIC's came up.  I'm
> running a Red Hat 7.1 box also but I'm hesitant to set the Debian box up
> exactly the same way because of formatting differences.
> So where should I put the modprobe info to load it at boot and where should
> I configure the ethernet cards?

See dman's reply for what you should do now. For future reference (and
for other readers) you can get your NIC up and running in the initial
installation procedure at the point where it asks you to choose which
kernel modules you want to load. choose eepro100 (in your case, or
whatever your NIC is in other readers' cases) under the 'net' category,
and it will be loaded instantly (so that you can complete the install
via http or ftp) and set up to load at every boot automatically.

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