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Games Graphics problems

I think these are related...

This happens in window maker, olwm, and when using no window manager at all, ala "startx lxdoom":

lxdoom window opens, the game plays, but it is displayed entirely in grey, like the red colour gun
isn't working. The rest of the X desktop is uneffected.

quake-x11 window opens, the demo starts, but the only display is a couple rows of multi-coloured but
mostly grey (like in lxdoom) flickering dots. The rest of the x display is uneffected.

XShipWars starts, the opening graphic is displayed, but in grey colours and vertical bars. The
program then segmentation faults.

lsdoom and quake-svga run just fine.

I had Xshipwars running on a Debian install from last year, it worked fine until last month. I did a
dselect, and installed any/all updated packages, but I don't usually run games on it. When I tried
Xshipwars there last week, it failed too. Same simptom.

Any ideas?


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