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vmware & ip masq

Huzza! It's me again.

I'm running Woody with a 2.4.6 custom kernel. Here's what I'm trying to
do. I have a VMWare host-only network running Windows 98 SE. The virtual
machine's IP is The host machine is, and
is accessed through VMWare Win98 session as

Because of the way our University is setup, we can only have one IP per
port. As such, I need to do some routing to get the 192.168.155.* VMs to
access the outside world (instead of just the host).

One solution that has worked is to use Squid proxy for HTTP. But I would
much rather use IP Masquerading, except I'm not sure how.

I'm pretty much a Debian newbie, and I know I've asked a lot from the
list, but I'd really appreciate it if someone could tell me how to get
this setup going (i.e., what kernel options do I need? how do I setup
iptables?, etc.).

If there is a relatively newbie friendly document that one could refer
me to, that would work as well.

Thanks in advance!

Titus Barik (barik@techspot.com)
AIM: TBarik  ICQ: 1604453

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