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Re: Some CD burning questions

	Subject: Some CD burning questions
	Date: Fri, Aug 24, 2001 at 12:08:05PM +0200

In reply to:Timeboy

Quoting Timeboy(timohart@gmx.at):
> Hi!
> My first try to burn a CD-R with a Debian system was a great success. But there are
> some questions :
> 1. By writing a CD-R with GnomeToaster and cdrdao i had this client output:
> Warning: No root permissions for real time sheduling.
> What is real time shaduling and what i have to do, to get permissions for user?
> 2. In GnomeToaster there is a method to write a CD: fixate. For what is this
> needet and what will happen if i use this method?
> 3. Mostly i write audio CD's. How i see, now it is not so easy to get CD-R's
> they can be recorded with 1x speed, cause the burners become more faster. The
> last CD-R i used made calibration errors, till i burned with 4x speed. But
> one of my CD player can't read this CD god enough. More success i had by burning
> my audio disks with 1x speed. So my question: Can modern CD-R's for multi speed 
> have the same quality, or shold i only use CD-R's they are compatible for 1x
> speed burning, to get a audio CD that is compatible to most CD players?

Many, if not all of your above questions, are answered in the 'CD Writing
Howto'.  Do a google search for it.

> And: I use a Sony CRX120E for burning. Are they some reccomends which medium i
> should use to get best results? My Diskman (also a Sony) have very much 
> problems to read any burned CD. Spacial the first thre till fife tracks are
> mostly unredable with this player. Why?

The manual for my Plexwriter has suggestions as to which brand of CD/R
and CD/RW work with it.  I tried some cheap CD/RW brands and they just don't
work on my burner at all no matter which speed I tried.
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