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Re: sysadmin won't allow linux - PLEASE HELP

Meanwhile, behind the facade of an innocent looking bookstore Michael Heldebrant wrote:
> My prediction is that Linux will be outlawed in 3 years as a system
> which is legally declared as "primarily" for copyright circumvention.
> Just wait until MS buys their way out of the lawsuit with the
> republicans.  MS will then continue to erode their own users rights in
> favor of the DVDCCA, RIAA and MPAA and whine that linux should be forced
> to as well.  I doubt Linux will be implementing these mandatory
> copyright controls and other bunk.  Hence 3 years from now the DMCA (I'm
> sure with additional resitrictive changes) will make us all criminals.
> I think we should all move offshore now really.  I really hope it
> doesn't happen but I can certainly see it.
> --mike

What?! Too much of the US runs off computers, and too many of those
are running Linux. I am not talking about somebody's home box that
they got some Linux book at the mall and can't figure out how to get
their sound card or winmodem to work. I am talking about the Linux
clusters in the Universities, the servers running the public
transportation systems, the city governments, major companies like
Boeing, the kiosks, embedded systems, the Tivos, etc, fscking etc.
You really think IBM is gonna let the government outlaw something
they've invested a Billion dollars in? No way. 

George Bush is an maroon. He wouldn't know an OS from a bottle of 
Jack Daniels. He surrounds himself with smart people like a doughnut 
hole surrounds himself with a doughnut (yea I know Dennis Miller).

Right now the Sklyarov/Adobe case is showing all the flaws in the DMCA
I see the DMCA going away before Linux will ever be outlawed.

Even MS admits that Linux is their competition. "We can't be a
monopoly, look there's Linux out there." Servers stats say there are
less registered Linux servers than Windows servers, well no shit how
many admins register or even buy their copy of Linux for each server? 
But you better sign your soul away for each copy of Windows you put 
on a box. Linux is not going away, Windows is not going away. If
anything they both will keep creating better products, at least one
will have to start.

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